Saturday, 11 January 2014

SA Vaal on its inauguration

Safmarine ship SA Vaal, 32696 tons, at Richard's Bay for its inauguration by Prime Minister BJ Vorster on 1 April 1976, escorted by SAAF planes. Photo: HA Williams.

Postcard no: BrS18

Warwick Castle on her maiden voyage

RMMV Warwick Castle, 20445 tons, on her maiden voyage to Cape Town seen crossing (possibly) the northbound Armadale Castle. Photo: Edwards Collection.

Postcard no: BrS66

Pretoria Castle in front of Table Mountain

RMS Pretoria Castle, 28705 tons, sailing from Table Bay for the UK on 5 October 1956. Photo: C Iliffe.

Postcard no: BrS14


SS Umgeni, 8149 tons, of the Natal Line of Steamers seen in Victoria Basin, Cape Town, 23 March 1953. Photo: Fr MNW Edwards.

Postcard no: BrS72(N)

Rowallan Castle

MV Rowallan Castle, 7801 tons, sailing from Cape Town in 1940. Courtesy of WSS Photo Library.

Postcard no: BrS71


SS Umlazi, 4276 tons, seen sailing from Durban. She was a ship of the Natal Line of Steamers which sailed between London and South & East Africa and India.

Postcard no: BrS70(N)

Sandgate Castle

SS Sandgate Castle, 7634 tons, underway sailing from a UK port. Courtesy of National Maritime Museum, Greenwich.

Postcard no: BrS64.